Some notable Pashtun tribes in Pashto - پشتو میں کچھ قابلِ ذکر پشتون قبیلوں کے نام
:: Tarkalani, Kakazai and Mamund Pashtuns in Pashto book :: "پښتانه قبيلی وپېژنئ" ډاکټر لطيف ياد Tarkalani is mentioned on Page 86-89 Kakazai is mentioned on Page 261-263 and Mamund is mentioned on Page 310-312 Source: ©
:: Notable Kakazai Pashtuns Historical Excerpt (Pashto) - Tarkalanri (Grandfather of Kakazai) Pashtuns mentioned on Page 1322 in the following book in Pashto :: "پښتانه د تاريخ په رڼا کې" سيد بهادرشاه ظفر کاکا خيل ©
Tarkani, Mamund, Kakazai and its Khel in "A Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes of the North West Frontier of India" (Part I. North of the Kabul River, including all Mohmands, and tribes west of the Indus), published by The...
Tarklanris, Mamund and Kakazai in "Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India" Volume One published by Government Mono Type Press, Simla, India - (Originally Published 1907) . "Kais or Abdur Rashid" was NOT Bani Israel but an Afghan (Pashtun). This is...