Bajwara (باجوڑہ / بجوڑہ / باجواڑہ / بجواڑہ), Hoshiarpur District, India

Bajwara, Hoshiarpur District, India
Bajwara, Hoshiarpur District, India

Bajwara (باجوڑہ / بجوڑہ / باجواڑہ / بجواڑہ), an old historic town situated in Hoshiarpur District, India, a place from where the Pashtuns kept an eye on Hill Ruler (i.e. Rajputs) to attack. Bajwara was well known during the Afghan (Afghan was synonymous with Pathans, Pashtuns, Pakhtuns at that time) era. It was the base of the Afghans against the hill chiefs. Around the town, there are many ‘bassis‘, the headquarters of the Petty Pathan leaders, who assisted the Afghan at Bajwara against the hill chiefs.

Regarding the Bajwara Fort, according to an article published in Spectrum, the Sunday magazine of Thr Tribune, India (one of the oldest, since 1881, and the largest English daily newspaper in North India), Bajwara fort (see the picture) was built by the Afghans.